Lately, none of my travels can pass without a photoshoot. I love spontaneous decisions and new inspiring places. But while planing my trip to Kiev, I really wanted to do something special, something I would not try at home. The idea came to me long time ago - I wanted to have a really luxury bijoux collection photographed on a nude model. Bijoux is one of my most favourite topics and, with big pieces, I often feel like the clothes are excess in the frame, so why use them? With this idea I came to my favourite bijoux designer Tiffany Rowe and she agreed to create a luxury, royal-inspired collection specially for my shoot. That's how the Imperial collection was born.

Working in Kiev after 4 years in Europe was more difficult then I expected. I had a great team, a well equipped studio and a great collection, but I had a real problem expressing my vision. I normally ask difficult things from models - to be emotionally open, to cross boarders of comfort zone, to trust me and the team completely for the styling part. All of these tasks become even more difficult in a nude photoshoot.

In general, I feel that I touched a very interesting part of photography, which could have a huge potential for me, but I only touched it slightly. I have a lot more to say and I will definitely try to do it. So it is official - I am looking for a model for my next nude photoshoot :)