Hey ;) This blog is slowly but confidently becoming a dairy..

For last couple of month, I simply did not have half an hour to write here, but today I am "out of service". During this time I learned and did more than during the last year,  I went to a new stage and, from this little local stage, I can see how much more I need to do (should have done..)

Three stories are in publication process, a lot of delightful etudes are on FB, one huge project is ahead. And...I don't think I am good enough to do this project. Sometimes I am, but most of the time I am not...I mean I talked about it to my friends and they already sick of this talks. But...

Every time I start with a big project I start from a dream and then I ask people to work on it with me and I am ready to hear "no", but normally it is "yes".  I think I am blessed to be surrounded by people who believe in me. And we go little by little and in the end we do it. And now,  in the end of the year, I cannot believe in one year I did "Spring vs Winter" and "Fashion Hiking" and "Mermaid" and "Red" and "Crazy" (you did not see this one yet).

But this one, the new one...I think it is impossible, I think I reached my limit. Or maybe it is just a bad day.  I am a good photographer... or am I?