Not long time ago our work was published in Institute magazine. It makes me very proud. Not only the fact that my work looks professionally enough for them, but the fact that this particular story was chosen.

In this story we tried to visualize the mindset of the insane person. Sadly, I know well what I was talking about, and essentially I wanted to "get out of my system" things that I could not express in my life. This sort of therapeutic art...

First of all of course I needed to define the narrative. I took my own story, but left behind all the details, went to sort of bird's eye view. It is not "where I was" or "what I did", but more "how I felt" towards myself.

From the narrative me and my team started to work on the language. We divided the story in 4 parts and started to think about what could be done in terms of colors, lines, light and styling to show the inner state of the model.

It was difficult to find the right model for it. Someone empathic enough to understand what I am talking about, but strong enough to not "get into it" too much. For me it was important to create honest relationship with the model - no mystifications,  no drama - just to explain sincerely and transparently how I felt.

The day of shoot was difficult for me, but really revealing. And the day I saw the publication was just...the day I felt I truly defeated my illness. I mastered my past and transformed it into one for the best fashion stories I have done yet.