Just to add some positive notes to my blog (definitely I should have done it for some time)...

Lately I have a lot of pleasure working on my FB page. I have 18000 readers for now and I enjoy lots of positive feedback. It is always interesting to see, which pictures people will like the most.

So I wanted to show today top 5 of my pictures according to reader's rating - my first 5 pictures which earned over 1000 likes :)

From "Far Away" series:

Model - Joan Yu

MUAH - Joan Yu Styling - Aymeric Futol Top by Tamara Perez Location - Villeneuve The shot was done through the glass window facing the lake side.

From "Dark Mood" series: Model - Mélanie Deillon MUAH - Béa Trice Make Up Artist

The pictures was made in my studio using natural light from the window. The hair colour was adjusted in postproduction.

From "Queen's Treasury" series: Model - Eenee Jaki Styling - Sodgerel Yadamtsoo Seuret Assistants - Tuul Bat and Volodymyr Kuznetsov

The picture was made in one of the hotels not far from Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia. We used natural sunset light.

From "Witchcraft" series:

Model - Laura Griot

MUAH - Diane Bracciale

Styling - Diane Bracciale

Location - Neuchatel

Shooting under the arc allows to have this asymmetric light pattern with only natural light. Main postproduction points - paler skin, blue tones shifted further from orange tones.

From "Double Espresso": Model - Anna Emilova MUAH - Vera Zhazhina Designer - VERSO AZUR Assistant - Anastasia Every Location - Michelangelo Hotel, Milano

Main source of light - sunset light from the window, plus two additional lamps near the bed cast warm light to create additional volume.