| | Model - Bunny Girl modeling |

Today I would like to share with you something I have been working on for last 3 months - Dreams Project. I hope you will enjoy the fruits of my intuitive exploration of the shady world of dreams.

Artists worked on the dream topic from the ancient times, but we have relatively few paintings about dreams. “The Nightmare” by John Henry Fuseli is one of my favourites, it’s dated 1781.


| | Model - Leila Tahiri, MUAH - Beatrice Carroz, Dress - Anastasia Every |

In literature we see the narratives about dreams more often. Classic and most perfect example is of course “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll. Another interesting example is a book of short stories by Howard Phillips Lovecraft called Dream Cycle. His stories are much darker and more mystical than Carroll’s work and often have thrilling narratives.

The media where dreams can really flourish is or course modern cinema. Unfortunately movie directors often overuse the dream metaphor to “get us into character’s head”, ignoring other aspects of dreaming - loose connections, surrealistic setups, revealing of hidden desires.


| | Model - Monique Wiegand |

My own experience with dreams is more about flashes of emotions or memories. Unlike Lovecraft I don’t have any long sophisticated narratives (or maybe I just don’t remember those). I normally wake up from the dream with one particular feeling, which sometimes I can’t shake off all the morning.

In this series I tried to take my collection of feelings and memories, details and characters and express it in photographic settings. For some of them, I hope after I did this they will set me free, for others - it will be a pity to let them go.