Today I would like to give you some of team member's words about what dreams are for them.

To me, dreams feel like visual representations of unprocessed thoughts, misfiled memories, loves, fears, and at times pure moments of fantastical randomness. Even when dreams are frightening or disturbing I appreciate the waking memory of them. Dreams seem to reveal truths about oneself that little else can.

Here is an image that I've always loved and feels like a dream - Thomas Edwin Mostyn, Dawn

Alena, model @ dream#10

When I think about dreams, I think about my wildest fantasies. If I had no boundaries, if I could do anything I wanted to; my dreams aren't held down by reality. It's fun to let go for a while, and just dream. :)

Monique, model @ dream#9

Beatrice, MUAH @ dream #1

When we first emailed and you had mention the theme Dreams and how it was the character was a goddess my mind automatically went to paintings from the Renaissance period, where there were a lot of famous paintings of goddesses, “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli for one example, where the works had a dreamlike appearance (light highlighting a certain area of the canvas or skin having a glow)

Phiphi, MUA @ dream#8

For me dreams are another world that's mysterious and important. We live out a different life in our dreams, see strange things, and experience situations that I think change us as people and whose memories stay with us. I've read that our brain doesn't know the difference between dreams and waking life - I find it fascinating.

Anastasia, stylist @ dream#11