Today my FB page reached 50k followers. It's a bit hard for me to comprehend this number. I mean, in Switzerland I used to live in a little town Renens with 19k citizens, so my followers community has 2.5 little towns of people, it's like some incredible number. But what really makes me proud is that I put online every single creative project I do, even if I know it's not going to be popular one, even if I see some flows in it - it's a working process, it's my working page. I don't have to make projects to please my followers and I don't decline projects because they won't be popular - I do my work and people want to see more and it feels good :)


| |  Model - Brianna Morrell

MUAH - Yomi Rivera  |

So, just to gain some perspective, a short history of my FB page.

Jan 2011 - I created my page, but wasn't sure what to do with it. And it holded true for quite a long time actually - I use to put there announces, stories, even jokes before I learned it's for the resulting pictures, one every 3 days, 3 from each series. Aug 2011 - I finally uploaded my first picture, big achievement on that time. Later I learned people don't like photos of magazines as much as just pictures (no idea why)


| |  Designer - Aleksandra Wisniewska

MUA - Maria Huber

Model - Ania Julia Raszka

Published - Femina magazine  |

Nov 2011- first 20 likes for this picture


| |  Designer - Vera Couto, Lianga

MUA - Irina Afonso

Model - Mafalda Sousa, Best Models Agency


Mar 2012- my first interview for the Russian newspaper in Geneva

Jun 2012- first 50 likes (I still love this picture, used in lately when presenting my Elle project)


| |  Model - Natasha Jack

MUAH - Maria Huber  |

May 2014- First >100 likes, which came as a bit of surprise because I had more complicated pictures, and this picture was basically behind the scenes


| | Model - Natia Gamrekeli |

Jun 2014 - 2000 followers

Jul 2014- first > 200 likes. This photoshoot was actually amazing luck - we had storm coming from Geneva side of the lake and sunshine from the sunset at the Villeneuve side. Heavy rain just started and Joan was afraid of lightings so I had to get in the water too :)


| | Model - Jaon Yu |

Sep 2014 - for the long time this picture was follower's favourite with 388 likes


| |  Model - Clara Chenaux

MUA - BéaTrice Make Up Artist  |

Feb 2015 - 5000 followers

Aug 2015- we finally broke the record with >500 likes with this picture brought from my hometown


| | Model - Natasha @ Prime models, Kiev |

Oct 2015 - 10000 followers

Nov 2015- first >1000 likes with this photo of Laure, we actually did it under a small bridge in a little town near Neuchatel


| |  Model - Laura Griot

MUAH - Diane Bracciale  |

Feb 2016 - 20000 followers and first > 2000 likes photo from Mongolia


| |  Model - Eenee Jaki

Styling - Sodgerel Yadamtsoo Seuret

Assistants - Tuul Bat and Volodymyr Kuznetsov  |

Normally people check the FB from their phones, so portraits are more popular, but this was an exception, which was a long time record with 3.9k likes


| |  Dancer - Ana Lloris |

And then, Sept 2016and the most popular picture ever since (>6.2k likes) is Marie's portrait from dream#2


| | Model - Mi Mickelis |

Let's see if we can make something for >10k until this time next year...