Well.. today I decided to write a bit about one of my creative projects, but in fact I wanted to write something I would reread later and it would make me think about creativity, because all the exhibition and Kickstarter buzz doesn't do it for me.

So again in a form of notes to myself.

Before I left we got this publication in Teo:

http://www.teomagazine.com.au/issue-14  (page 66 and on)

Which was great (and I love the magazine), but showed only a "slice" of the work. The full series was one of the most creative project I did in a long time and included lots of visual research which I wanted to talk about.

So, notes to myself:

  • in my mind, I divide all my project in two groups "try something new" and "make something nice". It doesn't mean that first group is not nice though - almost all of Dream project was in a "new". But it means that "nice", when I want them nice for sure are not going to be "new".
  • on being tired: I would make more for this story if I wouldn't be so tired at that time. And it's not just that I didn't make time to think - I did. But when I am tired I can be good in converging, but not diverging part of creative thinking.
  • we had this brief, to show something that looks like something else, then to show what it was at a bigger scale and then to show that it's something completely new on even bigger one. I didn't manage to do that :) But in the process of talking about that Misha showed me this drawing of the spider and I saw the lines of spider legs and it inspired me a lot and we just started to include this pattern in a frame any way we could and it ended up looking kind of cool - we connected different parts of the story through the composition rather then through narrative.
  • on DIY: we (Misha in fact) made the spider ourselves and also I draw the spider on his shoulder and draw on his hands with coal. I always hesitate to do that - if something, my other projects showed me I am not a writer and not a painter, but a photographer (cause I do it for 9 years now, so I learned stuff), but in some projects it looks cool :) Especially when the project itself has this "raw" feeling like SpiderTale (and Cocoon and the terrible painting in The Land of Silent Waltzes and Icarus)