I got this special case of procrastination when you constantly think "I should write about it on my blog" but you never actually write anything. Because you want to write a good, really good text that does justice to the topic and put your thoughts in a logical and exciting sequence, but the problem is you are not a writer :)

So up to this moment I didn't write about:

  • My letter to myself about 2017 and all that evolved out of it
  • Text about 4 weeks long trip to Switzerland and Kiev
  • My new experimentation phase and what's going on in my photography since I finished On The Road

Today I won't do any of that either :) I just wanted to show you something that I think is forming and might become a good series one day.

I don't know, they kind of all moody. I read recently that inspiration is merely a desire of something undefined or inexistent... maybe there is some truth to that.