So, I have a feeling that we should maybe take a small break from technical stuff and look at something more creatively stimulating. I mean, I keep getting cool questions and suggestions about lighting tutorial and we will return to it, but I think it’s also important to treat yourself to something creative once in a while, to remember why you spend so much time mastering techniques. Still, if you have your own question you would like to get an answer to please write to me at

The technique I am showing you today is from this course

Which is sadly not available anymore. The task is to find 10 main themes or aesthetics that inspire you. They are your main references and they are the basis of your universe as an artist.

As a participant in the course, I was able to see the maps for many people from different cultures. I knew almost every reference of my fellow Eastern European classmates, maybe 75% of western ones, and almost nothing from Chinese and Indonesian artists. I was also very surprised when one guy from China used as one of the sources of inspiration a Russian painting, which I know, but didn’t feel like it says anything to me at all.

With this said, let me show you one of my inspirations and if you end up making the map too, please do send me a link for yours:)

Here’s my short list (and we will go over each one in depth):

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