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Question from @floral_eclipse "I am interested in becoming a model. I am hoping to find someone nice enough to explain how to become one".

First thing I got to say this question only can be answered with a question. I would ask at least those 2:

  1. What are your age, height, and size? When I ask this, girls automatically think it's because I am checking if they are good enough (some even take offense), but I am merely trying to see what niche could work for the girl. If you are 14–22, 5'9" — 6'2", size <4 definitely start with agencies, you even have time to try a few in your hometown before seeing if you want to take it to NY. If you are older, it can still work, but you'd need to fast-track agency searching. If you are shorter, there are always freelance beauty, jewelry, and swimming suits jobs, if you are 40+ y.o. you should consider more commercial-centered agencies. Beauty comes in all ages, shapes, and genders, but commercial modeling takes some navigation skills.
  2. Secondly, is it going to be a career or a hobby? The most common answer is, "It's a hobby for now, but I wouldn't mind making money out of it too." I hate to disappoint, but no one I know made money in modeling with this approach. I work with a lot of girls who are just starting, and the most significant predictor of success is persistence. Either you invest time and money in your portfolio, skip school or day job for good opportunities, visit every open house of every agency in your town, OR you are modeling on weekends when you are not busy with something else. One path is not worse than the other, and I often work with both, just don't fool yourself by thinking that getting into saying NY Fashion Week is a walk in a park ;)

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