Small window option

Rachel had a question for me about how to take a good picture of her work (she is a makeup artist) when there is no photographer around (for example working with the bride or during a masterclass).

Let’s start with don’ts and then I will give you two possible solutions.

  • Don’t use electric, ceiling lights. Bad color and nasty shadows.
  • Don’t use direct sunlight. The model will squint and all the skin defects will be multiplied.
  • Don’t use built-in camera flesh. Seriously, never.

Now, what do I suggest instead? If you have any window with natural light use it. The bigger window the better. At the same time better avoid direct sunlight through it (see don’t#2)

Lead picture is an example of using a small and quite shadowy window as the only light source like so:

Position a model near the far edge of window or facing it

Another option is this little light:

It’s portable, small and you won’t depend on windows. The only problem, you still need to avoid intrusive yellow ceiling lights.

Here is an example of me using this light as a sole source:

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