I’m Sofiia, and I’m a Ukrainian refugee. I’m from the Donetsk region, but I studied at a university in the Kharkiv region, so I moved from Kharkiv to Germany first.

When the war had just started, I decided to go to another country because it was scary sitting and waiting for bigger problems. I lived in Germany for two months, but I couldn’t find a job, even when I really wanted. It’s also were a lot of problems with places to live, food, and other things, so I applied for permission to come to England.

I didn’t think it would work, but it is, so I moved the second time, then found a job and went to college to study photography. Now I’m really missing my parents because they are still in Ukraine, and I hope that situation will be better, so they will be safe.

I have loved photography since I was a teenager, but I only recently started to understand that photography is a serious matter. The photography course with Aliona helped me to understand photography better and improved my skills, and now I continue to photograph things that I like – and I don’t plan to stop doing it. It really makes me happy.


Sofiia was one of the most impressive students in the course. She also was the only teen that was abroad alone. I think you can see this loneliness very prominently, especially in her earlier work.