Ok, so I wanted to start this photography channel for a while… I guess it’s time to quit procrastinating and get to it.
What is it? I imagine it will be a channel for the aspiring photographers (not a YT channel though, I am too shy to talk to a camera, so you would have to read me:) ). I will upload here some (more or less technical) articles about photography as well as answers to the questions that I get via my Fb (facebook.com/aliona.kuznetsova), Ig (instagram.com/aliona.photography/) or email (aliona.kuz@gmail.com). I hope for the conversation to be very informal and fresh, and I really welcome any photography-related thoughts:)
Why do it? I started to do masterclasses lately, and for me, it’s always a massive boost in energy and inspiration. I like to talk about photography, and I like to see people from my masterclasses starting to publish editorials, working with better teams, or just incorporating some of my ideas into their working process. When I see new photographer’s face lit up with a new original idea because of something we were discussing together, it makes me happy :)
Can’t decide if it’s worse of your time? You can find out more about me here: alionakuznetsova.com/info

Image to attract attention :)