There's something about creative energy, it either goes in words or pictures. So when I am kind of stuck I can write well, but when I get experimental and productive in visual I hardly can put an email together. At the same time I have high expectations for this blog because there were some more expressive pieces here...but today again in a journal mode.

First big news is that I had an exhibition in NYC (famous Chelsea) with Raw Artists. It was a bit unexpected, just weeks before call, but it was amazing. I showed some of my all time favorites as as well as new mini collection composed of Vogue Italia picks. It was a great event, a lot of music and a lot of compliments.

Second news is that after my positive experience with masterclasses in San Francisco and Boston I decided to start thins blog:  - it's 2-3 minutes reading blocks, some of them forming series, some just being an answer for a question photography people ask me. It's a fun stuff, check it out :)

Probably the biggest news of them all is the book that is being developed called Vague Sensations. It has a twitter ( and a whole production plan that anticipates book launch the Christmas of 2019 (even though I am a bit behind right now). The book as an object is a play on the concept of personal book (remember the "I've got a little black book with my poems in" - from famous The Wall album). I think in our age of digital abundance, found or chosen pictures can define us just as much as created ones. Inside around a 100 pictures of moodier, simpler and deeper part of my body-of-work

On more personal note, I am getting funny mixed feelings every time traveling to Lausanne (which is now every half a year). From one side it warms my heart because it's a chance to see some of my favorite people and work in some of my favorite teams, from the other side there's so many memories there, and very emotional memories - sometimes I feel like it's a ghost town, you never know where the next flashback will come from. up, besides book I have two cool projects in mind that will start next year and I promise I will announce them here first. Well, that's all for now, Happy New Year to everyone who read the whole thing :))