As soon as the pictures are published, I feature them on my social media. Every channel has different format: on Instagram I show some tear-sheets and some hi-res, sometimes a bts or video of the whole story; on FB it’s always 3 best hi-res; website has all the high res as a slide show.

Last, but not least I take time to reflect on the whole series creative process. My main question is: did the series turned out as I planned? Did I communicate clearly the initial idea? Some series, even if they are well published can be a fail because I didn’t manage to communicate what I wanted, some others, while more obscured, might be an important step towards bigger series or project, but that’s another story :)

This little note concludes the first tutorial, next one coming on Friday is about working with models on set, it’s going to be just 2 days long. But before that, tomorrow I will talk a bit about

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