Morning guys :) I was thinking, an excellent place to start our journey might be talking about organizing a photo project in general. Like this, we can dive into any particular part of the process in the discussion.

For those of you who would like to binge-read the whole thing, here it is. Don’t forget to send me any questions/comments (, and we will be discussing stuff more in-depth here starting on Monday.

Intro: One of the questions that I get a lot from new photographers during masterclasses is about organizing a project from the beginning to the end. Today I will try to describe the framework for a mid-size editorial project. The framework reflects my own experience and is not the only possible solution. Also, for the projects that last longer, and I gradually develop the theme over the years, the framework will be more complicated.

Step 1 Idea

Step 2 Implementation

Step 3 Mood-board and/or Statement

Step 4 Development

Step 5 Production

Step 6 Post-production

Step 7 Magazine Submission

Step 8 Featuring