In my latest interview for Creative, I was asked to describe the process behind this picture

The full version of the interview is here:

As for the process:

Our set is in the bathtub covered with black fabric and filled with water. The lighting is a beauty dish a meter above water and a bit higher than the model’s head. The model goes up and down in the water while I photograph as much as possible to capture the right combination of waves, bubbles, and relaxed facial expression. Some details that make it a bit more challenging are:

— the model doesn’t hear me when her ears are underwater.

— the temperature of the water that is warm and nice for her body makes her face red which is not helpful.

— you should watch the reflections of the light in the water (playing with the position of the lamp as well as waves on the surface).

— you can expect to make 10–12 divings or turnings before the makeup will become unsaleable in photoshop (given the makeup is waterproof).

— it’s extremely hard for the model to open her eyes underwater or after diving (after diving the makeup gets into her eyes)

— When the model is under the water, the picture becomes a mess of bubbles and waves distorting all the proportions of her face, so one needs to wait a bit before making a shot.

— some models are easier with the water and have less sensitive eyes than others.

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