Ok, I will just answer subquestions here…

  • Which projector did I use? I can’t remember or look up a model because it was borrowed from a friend, but it wasn’t a very fancy one — just the one used at home for movies. The main problem here is pixilation — you don’t want artifacts to be seen on your picture (unless you manage to use them as a part of visual aesthetics)
  • What type of images works? When choosing the image you have to keep in might that it would be quite distorted and shadows will be added so I tried to pick up simple concepts and geometrical shapes — something that doesn’t look and when projected on uneven surface. From the other hand, strong work perfectly for this idea and you can literally pain on model’s body
  • Special tips? 1. I used simple style/nudes to not mix up colors too much — strong colors under the layer of other strong colors could look sloppy for me. 2. I have chosen a model who moves a lot and knows how to switch between different body language for different abstract backdrops. 3. Last tip, it’s best to pick a model who you wouldn’t have to retouch too much, because you will have a net casted by projector on her skin so it would make it more difficult to fix any major problems in post-prod.

Found anything useful?