Now as the lockdown gets gradually lifted I find myself in an interesting situation: it's already safe enough to shoot (I mostly shoot on location), but not safe enough to involve the whole team - makeup artist, hair stylist and wardrobe stylist. As a fashion photographer there's what I can do to still arrange a photoshoot:

Brook Shaden
  • In general I am now taking more fine-art direction. Think about human body and it's lines and it's interaction with light and use unintrusive clothes to not show too much skin.  
  • Go into techniques - drone photography, underwater photography, smoke, remote photoshoots, gel filters, UV paint - pick a techniques that inspires you and practice it with simple wardrobe (or even just face and bare shoulders)
  • Go into props - use butterflies, mirrors, cigaret, dust in the air, transparent fabric, piece of plastic - that are all inexpensive but effective visual tools
  • Color it up - flowers, fruits, hand-painted objects and backdrop, utensils suspended in the air, hand with cotton color nails, boiled eggs - take it to commercial style or surreal direction
  • Go into composing - it will require new Photoshop skills, but after you learn it you can draw whatever you want.
Daniel Serva

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