Please remember it's not a serious test - just have some fun with it :)

What keeps you inspired:

Do you like to work on your own ideas or help others with theirs:

Are you excited to work on something with larger context:


If it's up to you, how do you choose your model:



Your results

  •   Grants, awards, crowdfunding: This type is independant and creative, likes to work on big and meaningful projects. Photographers like this can plan a series about imporant topic and apply for grants to support it, or even ask their own audience for help.
  •   Magazines, brands, personas: This type enjoys the energy of other creatives around him/her. Photographers like these gain visibitity and new clients via magaines publications and then use their skills to help brands tell their unique story.
  •   Studio as enterprise: This type loves to grow the business, to have their own studio and perhaps to become a boss of the full team of photographers gathered under his/her name.
  •   Commercial gallery: This type has abmition and artistic vision, he/she is confident that months spend on a project will pay of when welthy collector will aquire his/her work
  •   Working with agency, big brands: This type is a great team player, he/she enjoys the life-style of working with big brands and big budgets, and he/she has skills to back that up
  •   Blog, coaching, public speaking: This type is all about communication, he/she enjoys to inspire, be it helping individual student with retouch workflow or talking to big groups of people about big questions of photography
  •   Photostocks This type is dymanic, fast thinker and good organizer. He/she is a good marketer as well. Finding trends and producing pictures in a matter of days is a fun game for him/her
  •   Weddings, engagements, love-stories: This type is uncurable romantic, but also practical person ready to serve his/her clients. He/she can find a common ground with almost every couple and deliver their ideas with his/her own unique style
  •   Music and celebrities: This type feels at home at the loudest party, not to be a star of it, but to help start put his/her best foot forward. Being humble and skillful, but also creative and imaginative, this type lives truly unique life