I know it’s late for April’s fool, but my goal today is to make you laugh:)

I was doing my research about the potential audience for my upcoming book and I found this advice to beginner book collectors. If you don’t have time to read it in full, here are some “pearls”.

“Most people realize that taking a photobook outside, e.g. to the beach or to “share with friends” is a No-No. Less commonly known is that simply holding a book open in your lap can also expose it to damage. Opening and closing a book or thumbing pages should be restricted to a minumum.”

Yes that’s how I want my future book to be used!

“If your books are unsigned your priority should be to have them signed. If a photographer is alive acquiring a signature is generally not difficult. Photographers can be stalked in a variety of places. Most will sign a book willingly. Others may take some pestering but should eventually buckle with sufficient persistence.”

With sufficient pressure such collector will get my heartfelt “F**k Off”

“Make sure the photographer’s hands are clean during the signing or, if possible, bring gloves along for them to wear.”


“The main exception to this rule occurs when a photographer dies or, better yet, is about to die.”“Predicting the exact time of another person’s death is notoriously difficult but it can be made easier with common sense rules. Notwithstanding the inherent uncertainty, two sound death-based market segments exist: Very old photographers, or very young ones who seem hellbent on killing themselves. For example, Dash Snow’s Slime the Boogie immediately shot up in value following his premature death in 2009. Collectors who’d studied his lifestyle and had the foresight to invest in his books were richly rewarded.”

One more plan to add to my book promotion: “hellbent on killing themselves” imitation activities. Laughing through the tears guys:)

Next Up: Team Tutorial