I am a little bit confused, a little bit irritated by this new fb/ig fear of nudes. The picture above for example was accepted uncensored by Vogue Italia online and by SeeMe photo award, but apparently it’s unacceptable for your fb feed.

I know one wouldn’t want to open naked picture in public transport or in front of a kid, but there are lots of ways to work with that without censoring (look at 500px for example).

What actually happens when you ban nudity is it travels to shadow-net where nice art-nudes become lost among vulgar and pornographic fast-nude. Now everything is uniformly “dirty” and you are not in control anymore of the quality of the work you see. Imagine a child who grew up never seeing a greek statue or classic painting, who makes immediate connection between bare skin and pornography — this is a child of censored world, naturally drown see human body and artificially disgusted by it.

PS. Little grey circle makes it alright apparently — who knows what it could hide indeed :))

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