Now it’s time to communicate your idea to a team. For the fashion idea, it’s best to have a mood-board plus one paragraph of explanation. For more artistic ideas, a statement is more important, and sometimes there are just no pictures to show with it. Typically it’s enough to send an email with your materials, but other times it’s best to pitch your idea in person.

When working on this first mood-board, be as broad as possible, show several different possible treatments of the idea, add a picture even if it shows only one aspect of the look, for example, possible hairstyle.

When you approach a possible team member (especially for the first time), ask yourself what’s in it for the given person — is it the joy of artistic expression, possibility to showcase new collection, a publication of work?

Example: with the idea from previous steps, the mood-board contained some pictures with the snow, some frames from the movie made in St. Petersburg about 1920th, some more urban NY stuff with experimental wardrobe, and more.

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