1. For experimental nudes — is your ideas or photographer’s?

Sometimes the ideas are mine, and sometimes they are the photographer’s. Most often, the ideas are an on the spot collaboration. Usually the photographer brings their vision to me, and I move my body in ways that express how that vision makes me feel.

2. Do your visual art and work as a model influence each other and how?

Modeling was my first creative love, it gave me confidence in my creativity and enabled me to start making visual art.

3. About these pictures, whether they are done with projector or gel

Those images are made with a projector, using a video of glitch art that I make.

4. How do you choose photographers to work with?

After 7 years of modeling, I rarely shoot with new photographers. I’m currently almost 11 months into my year long break from paid work. This year I’ve only worked with photographers I’ve worked with before, and I’ve created some of my favorite work with those photographers. I select new photographers based on their style and skill. I can tell if I’m going to flow well with a photographer from looking at their photos!

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