Selection of works and printing. For me an exhibition as the result of successfully completed series. But you can’t put the whole series on the walls. There are 3 factors I normally take into account.

  • First is the place: what colors, sizes and themes would work in the interior and what pictures would visitors of this place enjoy. What pictures would look appropriate, especially if you have nudes in a mix. You will also have the input from the place owner. For example, the owner of La Voile, told me that he especially likes pictures when you can’t see model’s face because then you can imagine someone you know there. I never thought of it that way.
  • Second factor is my own audience: which pictures are more me and more enjoyed by people who like my work. After all, the goal of the exhibition is to involve more people in your creative universe, make this transition from liking your work to following you and getting in contact and maybe buying your stuff.
  • Third factor is what will look best in big size. Please who see your work on Instagram are viewing it on their phones so most popular pictures normally are simple one, strong, concise, able to establish connection quickly. In the exhibition your pictures will be printed maybe 33'’ tall, people will look at details, textures, nuances, so you are playing longer games in a sense.
  • Printing: I normally go either with normal picture mounted on a foam or with canvas. Foam mount can be a problem for big format because it tends to bend if the humidity in the room is high. Between local printers and internet I always prefer local even if it’s more expensive. I need to be able to come in and pick a paper, do through details and then have the same person delivering result to me. I think about my work (as most of art) as a luxury product and I handle it accordingly

Making a plan. Normally for Solo exhibition I start to create a plan that begins a month before the opening and ends a week after closing. It begins like this:

Before opening:Physical: getting an estimate from printers, preparing prints within budget, printing works, installing hanging system if one isn’t provided by the venue, printing complementary materials like cards, flyers, business cards.
Online: making a guest list, creating and sending invitation, making announcement on Instagram, creating event on FB, creating a mailing list for teams….

this goes on and on through reminders, media posts, bts posts, then a great opening day (here you need hourly plan), meeting people on the first day of the exhibition. Then during the exhibition you need to make sure the attention won’t plateau, this includes blog posts, media posts and even meeting with selected people at the venue. Many important people can’t make it to the opening and they deserve personal meeting and walk-through. It’s also a good idea to have a gathering during last Saturday of exhibition, it allows the new fans, who saw your work the first time and want to know more to meet you in person and maybe become a collector.

If you would like a more detailed draft of the plan I started for you above, feel free to contact me at

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