• 12 lessons learned while working and publishing in Ukraine, Europe and the US
  • Cultural differences and photo industry
  • Creative process and photo-industry ecosystem
  • Personal brand from the photographer with 100k following


Next: San Francisco, February 2020

  • Theory: creating and publishing a project in 8 clear steps (with cheat-sheets)
  • Portfolio-review of participants (open discussion)
  • Practice: Urban photo-story, finding the right light on location
  • Practice: Creating an editorial in studio

Creative Evenings:

Next: Budapest, Jan 25th

  • Open Discussion of creative process, organizing big and small projects, collaborating with magazines

Portfolio Review (available remotely):

  • Discussion of 20 best work by the participant, finding strongest aspects, fixing problems, advice on feature development

Retouch Workshop (available remotely):

  • Session 1: participant demonstrates current retouch skills, we set goals for the workshop
  • Session 2: I demonstrate simple routine for magazine level retouch
  • Session 3: participant repeats simple routine with my supervision, mistakes are corrected
  • Session 4: I demonstrate advanced methods and share some of my custom photoshop actions
  • Session 5: participants demonstrates the final work, we correct mistakes and summarize processes learned

Tutoring (available remotely):

  • Sometimes the problem is not to learn certain technique or skill, but to keep going week by week in the same direction. 20min session every week keeps you accountable as well as allows me to give the right advice in the right time regarding lighting and post production techniques, interaction with model, finding team, submitting your pictures to magazines, and so much more.  

Project in 5 week challenge (now testing, volunteers needed):