Let’s look at the problems and possible solutions for working with the rain and snow.

  • Camera/Equipment. You can use different level of protection for your camera in the rain: box for underwater photoshoots, assistant with umbrella or plastic bag fixed on lens and wrapped around camera’s body. I use the last one because it’s easiest, but makes it more uncomfortable to use zoom. You should not use your studio lights in the rain because they start to shock people who touch them.
  • Model. Rain is normally not a problem for a model, unless it’s windy or the model looks in the ski in which case it’s hard to keep the eyes open
  • Makeup And Hair. The problem with rain is that it washes of make up and wets the hair. So one can’t do anything glamorous. In a light rain makeup will stay around an hour, hard rain 15 min. So it’s best to keep things really close to natural or have a makeup with wet textures to begin with.
  • Wardrobe. This is one of the hardest parts. Stylists normally wouldn’t allow the clothes under the rain. They are responsible and need to return clothes in perfect condition. Same thing goes for returns in a shop. So you can either use simple clothes that belong to model and not new or expansive or (my favorite option) work with the designer directly, not through stylist. Designers know which fabric can be wet and how to dry their outfits properly.

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