Ok, so we finished Mental Map Of Inspiration exercise. I really recommend it because:

  • It helps to look at your work in more abstract way
  • See your universe in general and what comes from where
  • If you do it every couple of years it helps to see how you grow as an artist
  • It’s a perfect source to go to when you lose your motivation

If you did actually do the exercise with me, please send me a link — I am very curious. You can, as always, contact me at aliona.kuz@gmail.com


For now I got a lot of questions via my FB page and we will spend the next week talking about basics like ISO-aperture-exposure, creating depth in a frame.

Then I will tell you a bit about working in bad weather as cold season is coming.

And after we will have a small interview again, I will let you know the person soon so you could start sending in the questions for her.

NextUp: Question about ISO-Aperture-Exposure