Muse series with Masha. We were thinking about muses, and art, and Photoshop. From ancient Greece to Renaissance to modernity it seems like artists had a license (and sometimes even demand from their patrons) to idealize the human body, neglecting to portray "unfortunate minute details" like aging or skin problems.

It's very understandable for me as an artist: I want to portray a woman I saw in my dreams or special memories of my muse's look (such memories don't count pimples as we all know).

When I want to bring you something from my childhood or an important legend that helped me process the world during hard times I want a perfect vessel for my protagonist.

So why should a photoshoot brush be judged more strictly than oil, or watercolor, or ink?

On the other side, as a woman, I see a big problem in replacing the real human body with this ideal form, which makes us all feel lesser than. And then having big money to be made on this learned insecurity.

So do we need to get rid of the notion of the Muse altogether? Masha and I don't know the answer, but we thought we will bring it up anyway:)

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