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When I feel like I have a clear vision of what the story is about, I try to ask myself what visual language will communicate the story in fullest. Here I think on logical and visual levels. Visual would be a color pallet, composition style, dynamic or static, light situation. Logical would be wardrobe style, particular backdrop, model's appearance.

During this step, I do a lot of research on Pinterest and my own photo collection. Yet, it's crucial to allow time between collecting ideas and generating your own solution. If you don't have this time, there's a threat of (consciously or unconsciously) copying of what has been done already.

Example: In Kyiv's idea, I would look at urban pictures made in the US and Europe as well as in Asia and ask myself about what's unique about my own idea. I would decide that the wardrobe should be chic and the backdrop should be very poor, the lighting should be from up like in small yards of some houses on Podol (old part of the city)

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